How to Write an Explanatory Essay and Get Maximum Grade

An explanatory essay definition is quite simple: this is an essay where an author describes their opinion on something, be it a process or an event. An explanatory essay is not about criticizing the phenomenon but rather about explaining its nature to the reader.

In this article, you will find out how to write an explanatory essay following all academic requirements and standards to get a good grade for it.

What Is an Explanatory Essay?

If you look up “What is explanatory essay?”, you are probably tasked with writing one of them. An explanatory essay is a writing assignment that shows your opinion on something without criticism or praise. Your goal is to make sure your readers understand the process or event in the center of your attention.

Writing an explanatory essay may sound complicated, but it’s not so difficult. You first should read the instructions carefully to determine the goals of the assignment. When you do, explanatory writing becomes quite standardized and simple.

We, however, can offer a few tips that would help you succeed in writing a good essay.

How to Start an Explanatory Essay to Make It Perfect?

Before you start writing an explanatory essay, you should get prepared. First of all, make sure that you know what you’ll write about. Secondly, assess your audience and choose the language and style that fit the purpose.

Also, the right explanatory essay format is essential for getting a high grade. You have to make it look academic for it to qualify as one. Thus, no freestyle is allowed if you write a college explanatory essay.

Is an Explanatory Essay Outline Needed?

Even if you are not required to submit an explanatory essay outline, we’d still recommend you start with one. Why? Because if you have a skeleton, it becomes a lot easier to fill it with the information you need. Almost all successful explanatory essay samples had written outlines.

Here is a possible outline format.

1. The introduction

a. The description of a subject of discussion.

b. Thesis statement.

2. The Body

a. Arguments and facts to back the thesis statement.

b. Evidence and statistics.

3. The conclusion

Choose Among the Right Explanatory Essay Topics

Choosing the right topic for your explanatory essay is essential if you want to get the maximum grade. Thus, you have to select topics for explanatory essay that are interesting to you, evaluate them carefully, and pick the best one. Usually, the more explanatory essay ideas you have, the better.

Here is the list of possible topic options for you.

1. Explain why knowing a few languages is a plus.

2. What is mindful eating, and why should people be careful about their eating habits?

3. Explain the medical system in the US.

4. Describe the loan initiation process in the US bank.

5. List the consequences of World War I for modern Turkey.

Start Your Essay With Explanatory Essay Introduction

One of the most common mistakes students make when writing an explanatory essay is forgetting that their task is to explain. They usually try to assess and evaluate their topic, veering from the right explanatory essay structure and using the elements of other essay types.

Thus, if you wonder how to write an explanatory essay properly, start with the right introduction. To do that, make sure that your first explanatory paragraph describes the subject of discussion and has the thesis statement. Don’t try to criticize or praise the event, situation, or subject you are writing about. Your goal is to help your readers understand the situation.

The Body Part of Your Explanatory Essay

The body part of your essay should contain facts and evidence. This is the most important explanatory paragraph that allows your readers to grasp the key idea of your essay.

According to the explanatory essay format, you should list evidence that backs your topic, but it’s not your goal to help the reader make up their mind about the situation. Your role is to provide information from reliable sources so that your audience learns more about the topic.

For example, check the “About Us” page on every website. It serves to present information about the company rather than to persuade you to choose it for your business. An explanatory essay is very much alike.

How to Write Explanatory Essay Conclusion

According to an explanatory essay structure, a great conclusion should end your writing on a strong note. In other words, it should be a powerful summary of all your main points and quite a memorable paragraph.

Writing an explanatory essay, make sure that your conclusion is free of open statements and unfinished ideas. Catchy words are better to be left in the introduction. Instead, the conclusion should help readers approach the end of your writing. An effective concluding statement will make the right impression.

Useful Tips for Explanatory Essay Writing

So, if your task is to write a breathtaking explanatory essay, don’t try to analyze the situation and persuade readers in anything. All you need to do is to help them understand it.

Thus, many writers of successful explanatory essay examples, when asked how to write an explanatory essay, say that you should imagine a kid sitting in front of you and try to explain the topic to them.

However, this is not the only useful tip for you. Here are a few more.

1. Write with clarity. The better you explain, the more successful your essay gets.

2. Read and proofread. The smallest mistakes can cost you a good grade.

3. Ask someone to read your essay before submission. To have a second pair of eyes is never a bad idea.

Explanatory Essay Example

To improve your explanatory writing, we’ve decided to offer you a great example of explanatory essay. You can consult it should you have a question about how to start your essay and what you can do to make it exemplary.