Calendar competition: long term health and fitness

I notice a special trend on my Instagram feed: peops flip-floppping between two fortunes. One fortune

Look, I get it. It is easy to find yourself at one end of this extreme situation for a long period of time. And, as a rule, it takes one or two important and deliberate attempts to return to the other end

If you look like me, you will probably find it hard to do with the "best" end of the spectrum (#LivingMyBestLife); you are constantly looking at others who have improved the art of what I call "social networking illusion"-it would seem that I would never dare to go to the dark side. In other words, pretend until we all believe it

Not free, friends. In fact, some of my mentors who have significantly increased my ability to achieve a higher level of long-term health and fitness are very simple. Or at least on the edge

Best part? These installations do not include expensive updates to your system

To date, I'm going to stick to only one of those heliks. In particular, the hack, who has mastering my own healthy eating and fitness functions. I'll call it "Calendar Competition", and you can try six steps (OK, 5)

Navigate to any software you use (if you have a Mac, it is iCal; if you use Google Apps, it is Google Calendar) and "File > Print"-one month, you do not have any of your entries on it. This will plex an empty calendar for any of the months you select

Step 2: Hang this Sucker, where you can't avoid it

The tape or push is a fresh calendar on the wall where you cannot avoid it during your daily routine work. I'm sitting right next to my bathroom, because I know I'm going to get there at least three or four times a day (TMI?)

Using the thicc (not a typo), mark the opposite diagonal line () during the day on the calendar when you manage this day. I want to stress this out

Use your T-bar to mark the diagonal line (/) during the day in the calendar when you are in control

Seriously. Your meals on this day should not include only spinach and quinoa-they should be, as a rule, not terrible. Make sure that the size of the portion

Regardless of the purpose, set what is "healthy" for you, and start to mark the days in the calendar. Just make sure you're not lying to yourself and unmarked every day as a healthy day (except for you

At the end of the week, you can sum up all the days that you have worked and cut it down and burn it next to the week in the calendar to monitor your average performance

The attempt to compete with social media illusions and fitness bloggers is usually a one-way ticket to short-term progress and prolonged depression and recusal. Remember that this is a "Instastars" job (whether paid or not) to maintain a consistent brand image. If they are not very honest with their followers, they will probably not give you a window so that they are not unproductive or harmful

Keeping track of your success in fighting yourself creates a sense of subconscious pride in the work you have done (even if it is only one day), and motivates you not to give you the day on this calendar without any sign

On average, I started out from 3 stamps a week according to the calendar. Now, only five weeks after this habit has been restarted, I am on average 8 ticks (usually 5 workdays and 3 healthy eating). Regardless of what I'm working on, I feel a lot better than if I didn' t do it either

I recently read a quote that I think is an excellent way to end this article

"The day you plant the grain is not the day you eat the fruit."

After a few weeks, you will not get a single race and a healthy AF, but the sequence is the magic ingredient. This break will help you to maintain and improve your consistency, which will eventually lead to significant physical and physical

I'm starting to publish these types of packages on my Instagram feed. If you unearthed them and you want to stay in the course of what else I am trying to (and also see too many peaks of my new puppy, Bear), I am not shy

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Vincent is the managing director of Don't Freak Out! (DFO) is a company that teaches high school students how to manage their money. He also speaks about groups of young professionals on subjects such as how to find your passion, how to be an effective young leader and how to maintain healthy physical and mental habits